Second Son Chronicles


It is the dawn of the Renaissance in a land ruled by an enlightened monarch.  Alfred — the eponymous second son — is convinced that his life will be unremarkable, spent in diligent but mundane service to his king. His grandfather, however, foresees for him a special destiny, though that destiny is shrouded in mystery. The Chronicles tell Alfred’s story.

“Step into Alfred’s world,” says author Pamela Taylor. “Once you do, I’m confident you’ll be as eager as I’ve been to discover what happens next.  Click the image below to view the trailer.”


Award-winning author Pamela Taylor brings her love of history to the art of storytelling. “I’d tried my hand at several ideas and wasn’t quite satisfied with any of them,” she says. “I’ve always been intrigued by the importance of first sentences and first paragraphs. So when the opening of Second Son came to me, utterly unbidden, during one of those nights when one’s mind won’t shut down and let sleep take over, I knew I had to see where it would take me. Once I found Alfred’s voice, his story began to unfold. By the end of the first book, I was completely in love with him and knew that he had so much more to tell. To learn more about me, visit my author website at