Second Son Chronicles

The Books

Each book is a complete story unto itself. Begin wherever you like. But you may find it most rewarding to meet Alfred at the beginning, when he’s coming of age at his grandfather’s court.

At the dawn of the Renaissance, Alfred comes of age in the enlightened court of his grandfather, sure that his life will be unremarkable. His grandfather, however, foresees for him a special destiny. Taken captive while on a mission for the king, Alfred is held for ransom and taken ever farther away from his home. With his prospects dwindling, he must find a way to survive if he is ever to fulfill that mysterious destiny.  Read an excerpt


It was inevitable the new king would be very different from his father. What no one could foresee was where his penchant for action would lead. It was equally inevitable Alfred’s brother would do something outrageous. What no one would have predicted is just how far he would exceed the bounds of royal decorum. And Ralf is still out there, knowing that his plan for Alfred’s death has failed and that vengeance for his father has yet to be achieved.  Read an excerpt


The unthinkable has happened: Alfred’s brother is king. And it isn’t long before everyone’s worst fears are realized. These will be the most dangerous years of Alfred’s life, forcing him to re-examine his duty to personal honor and to the kingdom. What choices will he have to make to try to protect the things he holds most dear?   Read an excerpt


Coming to his senses in a place he’s never seen before, Alfred discovers he has survived the deadly sickness. But he’s a traitor to the Crown for desertion on the field of battle, so he and his family must live in complete seclusion. When horsemen are spotted in the forest one wintry morning, the chill that runs through the cottage has nothing to do with the temperature outside.   Read an excerpt


The arrival of Alfred’s mentally unstable aunt, Isabella, opens old wounds and forces Alfred to examine his grandfather’s decision to banish her from the kingdom. Alfred’s mettle will be tested as never before. And a startling revelation will lead him first to troublesome doubts and eventually to a deeper understanding of what it means to be a king.   Read an excerpt


Now that the destructive force of black powder has been unleashed, the nature of conflict has been changed for all time. When the Teutons take advantage of the ongoing civil war in the Kingdom Across the Southern Sea, the stakes are ratcheted up yet again. Does Alfred hold the trump card to subdue the ambitions of the Teutons and find a new equilibrium in a constantly changing world?   Read an excerpt


After three long years of war and disruptions, Alfred hopes for a time of peace and tranquility. But even the home front has bumps in the road. The threat to tranquility, when it comes, arises from an entirely unexpected quarter and puts Alfred in the unfamiliar position of dependence on others to find a resolution. Could his grandfather have been wrong about his special destiny?   Read an excerpt


Geoffrey and Denis. Two young men soon to come of age. One, having doubts about what his future holds; the other eager to rule in his own right. Both relying on Alfred’s guidance as each birthday marks another milestone in the lives they’re destined to lead. Even as a long-forgotten person reappears in the kingdom, the peace holds. So why can’t Alfred shake the feeling that something ominous lurks just out of sight?   Read an excerpt


Convinced that the prizes in his long game are now within his grasp, the Teuton king has finally shown his cards. Refusing to be lured into a false choice, Alfred must defend his realm. But as the number of lives lost in the conflict mounts, he’s troubled by the senseless sacrifices brought on by one man’s ambition. And he faces excruciating decisions about how to preserve his legacy and how to end the bloodshed. Will the Teuton king’s strategy turn out to be brilliant or a serious miscalculation?  Read an excerpt

Order of the Books

  1. Second Son
  2. My Father, My King
  3. Pestlience
  4. Upon This Throne
  5. Shadows
  6. The Weight of the Crown
  7. Destiny
  8. A Feeling in the Bones
  9. The Burden of Choice