Second Son Chronicles

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“A fine-grained and emotionally satisfying medieval adventure.”  — Kirkus Reviews

“Overall, this was a lovely read that shows Taylor’s skills as a wonderful storyteller – one that knows how to lure the reader into wanting to continue with Alfred’s tale. I certainly will be!”  — Karen Brooks, author of The Locksmith’s Daughter and The Chocolate Maker’s Wife

“In the genre of historically inspired fiction, Taylor has done a marvelous job of combining fact, history, and fun.”  — Indie Reader, 4-star-plus rating

“Written in elegant prose, with an intricate storyline that is woven together like a fine medieval tapestry.”  — Authors Reading

“An absolutely sensational renaissance novel filled with dry humor, heartfelt moments, and exceptional characters.”  — Sublime Book Review

“Taylor deftly depicts the fragility of a society in the grip of a madman… the next installment promises a massive emotional payoff.”  — Kirkus Reviews

“… deceptions, triumphs, passions and bloodshed will grip readers from the first page to the last page.”  — Authors Reading

“A healthy blend of drama, politics, history and action make the story engaging on every level, and the protagonist’s journey makes for brilliant storytelling and character progression.” — Pacific Book Review

“Reading Taylor is like slowing down to absorb history through entangled plots, culture of the period, and significant protagonists rather than dry textbooks.” — Authors Reading

“Kudos to Pamela Taylor for another fabulous installment in this intriguing and fascinating historical series. As always, the characters, their interactions, and their development are flawless, and the weaving of her storyline is expertly done.” — Sublime Book Review
The Weight of the Crown represents Historical Fiction at its pinnacle!”  — Pacific Book Review

“Both the author’s impeccable writing skill and outstanding research make you feel a part of the story. The Weight of the Crown takes us on another well-written and captivating adventure with King Alfred and his family.” — Sublime Book Review

“The latest in Taylor’s Second Son series finds the king dealing with rogue lords and malicious cardinals . . . in this swiftly moving narrative in which even the tertiary characters are well imagined.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Taylor creates a tale redolent of the best of political drama, alliances, annexation, betrayal, and intrigue.” — Pacific Book Review

What Readers Are Saying

More than 2,450 reviews on Goodreads and Amazon with overall ratings consistently strong

Some sample remarks from reviewers:

A story rich in characterization, plot, and suspense. Taylor weaves a mosaic with just the proper amounts of literary ingredients to keep the reader craving more.”

“I am obssessed with this series.”

“Thoughtful tale of the age of knights and kings, and similar to Jack Whyte’s Skystone series. Ms. Taylor does a masterful job of placing the reader in the time, place, and emotions of the moment. Highly recommended.”

“Just love these characters in this series. It has many twists and turns keeps me wanting more !!! I recommend this series to anyone who likes an excellent read !!!”

I was captured from the beginning. A tale well told and a nice change from most historical/romantic fiction. Good character development.”

“This is a very well-crafted story by Pamela Taylor, transporting the reader to a medieval world of royalty, knights, revenge and betrayal. Historical fiction is not normally my genre of choice, but Pamela Taylor made it a viable option from now on.”

“An excellent story that drew me in and kept me reading until the end. I enjoy characters who are honorable, likable, and strong. I also enjoy reading about intelligent capable women. This book had them all.”

Travel back in time with an exciting adventure. So well written, you’ll think the characters are real. I actually had to look up the period to be sure this was all fiction.”